Off piste Normans bay secret sound experiment…will post results if successful

No more daily swims for me…sickness and the pressures of the daily grind have finally got me down. Time for the next itakeyouwithme phase…sound experiment number 1 - this weekend. Bon. T h i s i s t h e f u t u r e

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Tried to do a handstand. Sounds messsy…probably looked messy too. But, the sound I mean sounds messy. Not sure why, still getting to grips with the dictaphone number three.

January 22nd

 I seem to be having all sorts of technical difficulties this month of January. Yesterdays swim is lost…inexplicable. Here is a photo…was a great one too. Lovely water…lunch break swim.

Today was brilliant! Loads of fun…another lunch time dash…jumping in with a head full of work, sprinting out feeling like a child circa Horsham swimming pool years, swinging my Tesco’s carrier bag filled with swimming things waiting for the school bus back to the classroom.



Lunch break dash and dip. Simple sound, submerged but with great wave rolls. Light speckles of rain on the casement. Lovely stuff.

S N O W S N O W S N O W S N O W Silly Sally Video Show of today’s dip. Salty Snow Socks: via @youtub (by FionaSallyMiller)

s n o w s n o w s n o w s n o w s n o w

s n o w s n o w s n o w s n o w s n o w

s n o w

January 19th

December swim…mashed up, for your ears. Sounds like a horror film, or loads of fun,  or both…hectic. Perhaps a reflection of that month in places Christmas crackers. But for me, I remember more of the quiet and still times spent alone facing the pier and the horizon at first light.

January…and I am still going. I have missed three swims, which I am sad about. Two of which were due to illness and the other, well life got in the way. Any other missing files have come from some Dictaphone soakings…those swims will have to live long in my own memory, which they do.

The plan is to continue. Still. Today was the coldest of all…an off piste Portslade swim, my hands are starting to suffer a little and my wetsuit looks like it has fallen victim to a shark attack. These things though are not so much of a sacrifice, just a bugger really.

I will be posting as regularly as I can, but the main focus and aim is to move the project on in other ways…of course I shall be swimming, but I want to create some sound events and take the whole thing on tour. Each month I will be making some music…these pieces will remain as secrets though, until I am ready.


So, videos and bits and bobs coming up in the next few days and then it is swim, make swim, make and DO.







Here is the sound of my 31 swims in December, that was my December - I lost a wetsuit boot, broke two waterproof casements, soaked two Dictaphones and there is an ever increasing hole in my wetsuit…but it was done. And it was done every day.